Our story begins with three “four-eyed” men who grew up down the street from each other in suburban Saint Paul. As we entered adulthood, we quickly realized the three of us had developed a premature appreciation for craft beer (our friends made fun of us at the time). Without knowing what we were about to set in motion, we decided to pool money and purchase our first system together, an all-grain homebrewing setup that has traveled with us ever since. Homebrewing became an obsession.

After developing a proficiency with our all-grain setup through years of pilot batch experiments and advice seeking, we brought our knowledge and aspirations with us on an impulsive trip to Portland, OR. There we made some amazing connections that lead to us translating what we learned from the garage to the commercial scale.

We committed to the idea of starting a brewery in the summer of 2015, forming an LLC and writing a business plan. It was quite an ambitious idea at the time, we were 24 years old with no industry experience and looking to raise over a million dollars. However, we felt the market opportunity we had was one we may never see again, so we kept pushing. The biggest thing we learned with every meeting we took: it’s amazing how many people will want to help you when you say you’re chasing your dream.

Less than two years after formalizing our endeavor, a set of Portland Kettle Works equipment was delivered to the basement of the historic Pioneer Endicott building in Lowertown, Saint Paul. We made our dream come together in a beautiful building located in an up-and-coming neighborhood. Our first wholesale transaction was a keg of Belgian Pale Ale to Music in Mears (Lowertown’s summer concert series) on June 8th, 2017. We finally opened our taproom doors the following month on July 28th.