12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]

by Joshua Speaks

You will agree with me when I say,

Wearing a hard hat is very important if you are working on construction sites. Because working in such places is very risky.

There are many good hard hats in the market that people got confused about so many options. We did a lot of research in finding some of the best hard hats for you.

Things to consider before buying Hard Hat:

  • Material: Different materials are used to create high-quality hard hats such as fiberglass, aluminum, polyethylene, etc. There are certain classes of these materials as well. If you are looking for a good quality hat, then all these materials provide sturdiness to the product and protect falling objects.
  • Comfort: For workers, a comfortable environment is very important because they have to do work all day. So, investing in an excellent and comfortable hat is very important. The suspension point of every hat matters a lot because it provides comfort. If you wear your hard hat with the help of a liner, it will become more convenient.
  • Adjustability: One of the most important things before buying a hat is its adjustability. You can't just pick any good quality hat. The size must be fit for you. Don't choose a hat of standard size if you are not sure about your actual size.

Editor's Recommendation: Top Hard Hats

Top 12 Best Hard Hats 2021:

Picking one of the top hats from that list is not an easy job. We make it easy for you by selecting some of the most popular hard hats in the world:

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Top 12 Best Hard Hats 2021:
Top 12 Best Hard Hats 2021:

Evolution Deluxe Full Brim Hard Hat:

Why we love it:

12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
  • It provides extra protection because of the polyethylene shell.
  • It contains straps that provide comfort because it is adjustable.
  • The six-point suspension provides an extra comfortable grip.
  • A vented version is also available that is very helpful to reduce the temperature.
  • Very durable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Available in full-color ranges.
  • Very affordable
  • Ventilation holes are tiny.
  • The straps are not in good quality material.

Evolution deluxe full brim hard hat is in the market for many years now. This is considered as one of the great hard hat brim guards. If you are looking for the prime hard hat for hot weather, look no further.

People looking for full protection while working on construction sites can use this hat. The overall design of this hard hat is exquisite yet impressive. It is created in such a way that there's no chance that dirt or debris go inside. It has a wide brim that is very helpful in protecting your eyes from rain or intense heat.

The material is very lightweight that anyone can comfortably wear this hat for many hours without getting much tired.

LIFT DAX Fifty 50:

What we love it:

12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
  • This hat is available in a full-color range.
  • It contains a 6-point suspension system.
  • It is constructed with a fiber-reinforced resin shell to give you superior impact protection.
  • Easily adjustable even with your gloves.
  • Full brim grip
  • Available in many colors
  • Shock absorber because of perforated clarion synthetic leather.
  • You can adjust this according to your size.
  • Eva foam insert
  • The durability is questionable.
  • The suspension system doesn't worth the price.
  • A bit expensive.

These are full Brim and Cap-Style hard hats from Lift Safety. These hard hats are some of the great hard hats in the market because of their eye-catching color and excellent comfort.

Want to know something more?

Furthermore, you can use this LIFT DAX Fifty 50 for a long time. It provides ultimate protection, and you will defiantly feel secure wearing it. This is one of the best quality hard hats. It is hard from the outside and soft from the inside because Eva foam inserted inside that provides you comfort.

The perforated clarion synthetic leather protects from electric shocks. So, you can wear this in any season on all types of workplaces to avoid any mishap.

MSA Skullgard Full Brim:

Why we love it:

12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
  • Provide extraordinary heat resistance
  • Easily adjustable
  • The lipped design protects the head well.
  • Have an ability to absorb 2200 volts of electricity
  • Absorb heat of high intensity
  • Available in various colors
  • Good quality sweatband.
  • Adjustable straps
  • Reliable suspension system
  • Many clients face shipping issues
  • The material is not very durable

This is an incredible piece of the premium hard hat with a wide range of useful features. It is made according to ANSI/CSA standards. So, if you are looking for something that is reliable for heavy-duty work, you can choose this best-fitting hard hat.

Here's another good thing!

It comes in many colors, but the most popular color is brown that people loved to buy. The adjusting limit of this ultra-unique hat ranges from 6.5 to 8.00 inches, which is very incredible. With the great ability to absorb heat shock upt0 2200 volts, this is one of the world's great hard hats.

Are you looking for a stylish yet affordable hard hat?

MSA Skullgard hard hat is a solution for you. It is a very flexible and comfortable hardhat that can be used for a long time.

ACERPAL Full Brim Hard Hat:

Why we love it:

12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
  • It provides extra protection with a comfortable design.
  • The material is very durable and sturdy.
  • You can easily adjust the suspension system.
  • Very lightweight.
  • comfortable internal padding
  • You can wear it for hours.
  • 6 point suspension
  • Very durable
  • A bit pricey
  • Some customers face issues in their suspension points.

Suppose you wanted to prevent injuries, then this is the perfect construction hard hat. The excellent quality material is used to make it more durable and tough.

Want something a bit trendy?

If we talk about its design, then this is one of the coolest hard hats for engineers. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material makes it shell rock. The suspension system of any hat is most important because the injury may occur in case of poor suspension. With the six-point suspension system, you can easily adjust this fitting hard hat.

Furthermore, the soft sweat padding is present in the inner side that lower the heat. You can replace this sweatband anytime in case of any damage. There is a wide range of colors and designs available in this ultra-unique hat that looks very stylish.

Pyramex Safety Products Hard Hat:

Why we love it:

12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
  • Great product quality within a very reasonable price.
  • It can easily adjust on any head.
  • Very long-lasting and well built.
  • Very lightweight
  • Greatest suspension system
  • Very affordable
  • Very durable
  • The suspension is not very durable.

Pyramex safety hard hat has some great features that force people to love this popular hard hat brim guard. If you are looking for some high-quality hard hats for some heavy-duty work at an affordable price, look no further.

What's more?

Also, the design of this hat looks very classic that no one dislikes this. It's really hard to find a good quality hat in pure black color with a stylish design. So, this is an excellent pick if you want something darker or black in color.

If you wanted the best safety helmet or hard hat for not-so-intense work, you have come to the right place. If you tried to adjust your strap, you could adapt that without removing your hat, which is very convenient. The polyethylene shell is used in manufacturing to increase the durability of your helmet. But the general design of this great hard hat looks similar to the regular hard hat.


Why we love it:

12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
  • This is a very inexpensive hard hat that is even affordable for anyone.
  • The ultra-lightweight design will not burdensome you.
  • It is designed to breathe.
  • The ABS material is used.
  • Great suspension
  • Breathable
  • Saves you from electric shocks
  • Very comfortable
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • The price is below average that confused people about the quality.
  • A little unstable because of its small size.

If we talk about Uninova, this is a top-rated company in producing good quality equipment. They always give first priority to the customers' needs. Still, they are known for making very budget-friendly products. You can check the dedication of the workers within their work.

Let me increase your knowledge about this.

If we talk about the prime hard hats than uninova is nothing less than other good products. They provide an excellent suspension system to increase the protection and stability of this fitting hard hat. It protects you from collisions, debris, and electric shocks as well.

Moreover, this uninova hard hat contains an adjustable strap that can be appropriate for all head sizes. Long-lasting good quality material is used, so don't feel exhausted while wearing it.

Pyramex Ridgeline Cap Style Hard Hat:

Why we love it:

12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
  • You can comfortably wear and remove this.
  • The material is robust as well as durable.
  • It can be fitted on all heads.
  • The ABS material is used that makes is weightless.
  • Available in different colors
  • The 4-point suspension ( you can convert that up to 6-point)
  • You can replace the brow pad, which is very soft.
  • Not durable as compared to the prices
  • The quality is not that good.

Working on construction sites is no joke, so investing in an excellent hard hat is very important. All the products introduce by Pyramex are very classic and have unique features. You will surely get impressed by one of these premium hard hats in the world.

Are you still confuse?

With a unique design, the Pyramex ridgeline is considered as the great hard hat brim guard. It looks very stunning regardless of its sturdy look. Because of the wide brim, these hats provide excellent protection from all-around. You can encounter the comfort on its peak with this great pick.

Because of its excellent suspension option, you can adjust the brim according to your convenience. It doesn't give you any neck strain or discomfort. The ultra-light ABS shell still packs impressive strength. It boasts a five-year service life of high-impact performance.

Wet Works:

Why we love it:

12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
  • It looks very versatile.
  • High-quality material is used that makes it long-lasting.
  • The sweatband is extra soft. So, you can wear this comfortably.
  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Weightless
  • Easy to adjust
  • Polyethylene is used to make it durable.
  • Padded rear section.
  • Great suspension system
  • There's some issue in the packaging of this amazing construction hard hat.

Wet work is developed by a very famous brand and known for its quality for a very long time. One of the great things about this lightweight hard hat is that it is very affordable. It is not easy to get a good quality product in a very low price.

Furthermore, this hat is fully adjustable, and a single size can be fitted to all head sizes because of the strap adjustment. Additionally, this product is approved OSHA as well. The suspension of this great product 4 to 6 points. It also contains a very soft yet replaceable sweatband.

The high-quality material is used in the construction of this wet works hat. If you are looking for a durable and sturdy hard hat to wear on a long day, then wet works are one of the popular hard hat brands.

Klein Tools:

Why we love it:

12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
  • A perfect hat to wear in hot weather because of the vent system
  • The headlamp is very beneficial in the case of power cutoff.
  • Adjust ratchet-knob is also present
  • Class C full brim style
  • The vents are adjustable
  • The neck pad is in soft material.
  • I year guarantee
  • You can adjust this fully.
  • Flexible sweatbands are present.
  • The headlamp is attached as well.
  • A little heavy
  • Not very durable

The company Klein Tools has come into existence long ago. Since then, this company is considered as one of the top companies to produce equipment.

Why choose this?

This is the most efficient helmet to protect you from both high temperatures and rain because of its full wide brim. The vent system is present to make it more breathable and comfortable to wear for a long time. You can adjust the size according to your head shape.

The headlamp makes it very convenient to wear during the dark. It contains padded sweat-wicking inside that provides extra comfort, and you can replace these sweatbands anytime.

True Fiberglass Hard Hat:

Why we love it:

12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
  • The overall shape is excellent; anyone fits inside a single size.
  • It contains a wide brim that protects from heat.
  • It is adjustable
  • This is the prime hard hat for hot weather
  • Fast-ratchet-style
  • Fulfill all the standards of industrial work
  • The construction is very strong
  • One-size-fits-all
  • You can't use this in winter
  • Prone to cleavage

This hard hat is a great construction hard hats to wear in hot weather because of its ventilation system. It will not get hot at a very hot temperature because of its great structure and protects you from extreme heat.

Why it's great in summer?

Because it keeps your head cool with the help of fresh air. Many great hard hats are reliable and breathable like this true fiberglass hard hat.

It is not similar to local hard hats because it is made up of polyethylene HDPE material. You can feel the durability and weightlessness even on your first impression because of a good quality material. You can move without the fear of misplacing the hat.

Honeywell Fibre-Metal hard hat:

Why we love it:

12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
  • Manufactured with a durable material
  • Great suspension system
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Built-in sweatband
  • Fiber metal is used to make it durable
  • Very lightweight
  • You can adjust this according to your size and shape.
  • You can carry it around without any trouble.
  • Not so suitable for professional construction areas
  • Some useful features are missing.

If you wanted to buy a good hat, but your budget is very limited, this is the perfect comfortable hard hat for you. There are many options for affordable hats in the market, but this is still the best because of its good features.

Want to know more?

The fiberglass material is used to make it super lightweight and comfortable. It is not burdensome, so you can carry this hat wherever you want.

The sweatband also soaks all the sweat and moisture and keeps you in a neutral state.

PETZL Vertex Vent:

Why we love it:

12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
12 Best Hard Hats to Buy in 2021 [Reviewed]
  • Very durable material is used in manufacturing
  • Injection-molded fiber metal is used
  • Great brim support to protect from weather conditions.
  • Great shock-absorbing properties
  • Sliding shutters for the vent system
  • Different colors are available.
  • Fitting issues
  • Poor customer service.

It is a comfortable, sturdy, and safe vertex vent helmet. The climbing experts approve it. This is one of the most comfortable helmets that people actually wear. You can feel the comfort on a whole new level after wearing it.

The vertex vent sports a series of adjustable shutters for optimal ventilation regardless of the weather conditions. The vents coupled with the ability to adjust the 6 point webbing suspension system's height and width. This hard hat gives you plenty of options to ensure maximum coverage while staying safe.

The vent also features an adjustable headband, which makes for a great fit because of easy to use knobs-these knobs located on both sides.

Buyer's guide

How to choose the prime hard hats?

How to choose the prime hard hats?
How to choose the prime hard hats?

A hard hat is not something that you can buy randomly. There are some certain points, such as what is the nature of your work? There are various factors before purchasing quality hard hats.

Different types of hard hats:

There are a variety of hats that are available in the market. Some are known for their price, some are known for suspension, and some are known for their durability. But, if you wanted to choose a hat, you must consider what your work environment is like.

In general, there are two types of hats in the market.

  1. To protect the top part of your head.
  2. To protect the head from falling objects and sides of your head.

But regardless of these types, some other things are also included in these types, such as class. These hats are divided into three different classes.

  • Class G

Class G hats are manufactured for general use. It helps to prevent any injuries by falling of sharp objects. These are also designed to avoid low voltage electric shock. It can bear voltage up to 2200 voltage, which is incredible because these hats are available at affordable rates.

  • Class E

Class E hats are manufactured for the electrical area. There not much difference between class G and Class E. the only main difference is the voltage bear ability. Because it can resist up to 20,000 voltages. These are the most commonly used hats on different worksites.

  • Class C

These hard hats are specially designed for penetration. Usually, the aluminum is used in the manufacturing if these hard hats. Because aluminum has good shock-absorbing properties.


If you look into the biggest market of hard hats, you will realize that there are many good looking hats out there. Some helmets come in cap style, and some are in wide brim.

What is the best color of a hard hat?

Different hat colors different work natures. You can choose just any color without considering your work nature.

For example, if you are a manager or engineer, someone, on some level, white color hats are designed for you.

On the other hand, the brown hat is used for the heat-related task, for example, welding. Hard hat in yellow color is most commonly used among laborers.

In the same sequence, the green hat is assigned to new workers, and blue is used for carpenters.

Final Verdict for Hard Hat Buyers

I showed a list of 12 premium hard hats for you. All these hats are chooses after doing proper research and checking 1000+ satisfied customer ratings. But, you have to focus on every detail before just buying something randomly. The safety is the most important thing, just don't ignore safety for a better looking hard hat.

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