12welve Eyes is unique in that the brewhouse and taproom are two separate rooms in the Pioneer Endicott basement, with the brewhouse being further in the depths of the historic complex. Our 1300-square-foot windowless “Brew Box” currently houses a five-barrel two-vessel brewhouse with eight five-barrel fermenters and three five-barrel brite tanks.

Our brewhouse was specifically designed to support our desire to consistently brew new recipes. The idea of brewing the same batch of beer over and over is boring to us. To put our philosophy into perspective, we brewed over 80 unique beers during our first year of operation. That said, we’ve found that certain beers were very successful for us and have found ways to bring them back while still adhering to our ways. Cataracts has become our flagship Hazy IPA, but we have yet to use the same hop schedule twice as we’ve continued brewing batches. Kettle Sours, Milkshake IPAs and our Milk Stout are three other concepts that have been well-received that we continue to vary as we brew.

Always look for us to be balancing our mainstays with one-off ideas that are exciting to us. Trying new things is what we’re passionate about and why we like beer so much. There are infinite recipe possibilities.