Think it or otherwise but the enjoyable doesn’t quit after your ‘s beer has gone. There are some quirky as well as stylish methods to recycle all our beer containers. A few of these ideas are fantastic for the atmosphere, others include a tip of ‘s to your house as well as some put simply a smile on your face!

We take a look at what you can do with all those empty beer containers from your much-loved mixture as well as offer you a rundown of seven innovative means you can reuse them.


Upturned beer bottles make a great bordering for blossom beds as well as garden paths. Very carefully twist the neck right into the dirt and you can section of parts of your garden with a row of vacant beer bottles. It’s one method of making an outdoors room into your very own beer garden!


Enjoy the relaxing radiance of fairy lights positioned in an empty bottle. These bottled lights are in vogue in interior design– they’re stylish, appealing and also give off a cosy radiance throughout a night. What’s even more it’s instant ambiance for you to appreciate your next pint in!





An empty beer container makes a wonderful makeshift flower holder! Pop a blossom or two in the leading and also you can illuminate any kind of edge of your house with a wonderful fragrance as well as a cheerful suggestion of your much-loved tipple– who says love is dead?


Craft a self-watering planter by sawing a beer bottle in half. Make use of a glass-cutting package and sand down the sides. Maintain the neck end and placed some mesh inside to quit soil falling out. Following attach some string to the mesh so it hangs down the neck into a glass of water. As soon as you’ve grown the top up after that the string will suck up water feeding the plant immediately. Simply enjoy those fingers while reducing glass!


Wash out your vacant beer bottle thoroughly as well as recycle them for storage space. Maintain pulses and rice in vacant containers or fill them up with water to keep a trendy drink in your fridge. If you purchase in bulk or from a refill shop it’s a good means to decrease product packaging and you can maintain whatever fresh by putting rubber stoppers in the top.


For a woman who loves beer, this can be the easiest one-minute gift which will surely make her go bonkers!


Finally reuse any type of beers containers you may have left. All ‘s bottle are 100% recyclable and include 45% recycled material. If you get wholesale we also package them in naturally degradable cardboard boxes made using water-based paint. Reusing our bottle is one more means to make your beer bottles go better if you can not reuse them all.

These 7 suggestions provide an extra lease of life to any kind of Skinner’s container. And it’s quite enjoyable emptying them in the first place! Currently speaking of that we’re off to sup a couple of bottles now– simply in the name of research study certainly!

Have you had a good time reusing your Skinner’s beer containers? Share your pictures with us on social networks– we would certainly love to see!