What would you never have imagined being able to create true works of art with simple soda or beer plates?

There are real wonders in the world of recycling and decoration that lately is so in vogue, but this one is undoubtedly one of the ones that has surprised us the most. In addition to being a modern and unusual decoration, which is what we are looking for, we also love it because it is practically free since it is about decorating with bottle or bottle plates and these can be ordered free of charge to any bar we go. It is clear that whoever spends a lot of money buying decorative items is because he wants to.

In this post, we have compiled many interesting projects to decorate your home with beverage plates , such as: photo frames, decorated tables, paintings, hippie curtains, living room lamps, floor and wall coverings with veneers, or homemade decoys for fishing, customize summer sandals, or create chips to play poker, among others. As you can see, endless ideas and projects perfect for DIY and Craft fans .

Of course, that creativity has no limits, that is why today we wanted to make a deserved mega post to this art, which has sincerely left us fascinated, then you can see a collection of 50 photos and creative ideas, some simple and others not so much, to  redecorate, create or elaborate objects with the recycling of beverage plates . If you are addicted in making beer at home take home brewing kits to enjoy with your beer . Don’t forget pick glass beer bottles up to fill your beer into.

1 Decorative letter decorated with beer badges. You can use a hard cardboard, wood or cork base. Then with glue, you add the sheets. In this case they have been pressed with the help of pliers, but if it costs you a lot of work, you can put them without pressing.

2 Picture of the Statue of Liberty, formed by painted plates. All a work of art.

3 Skull decorated with soda and beer plates. Masterly, don’t you think?

4. Mural photo created with soda plates, using the different colors for shadows and contours. A very special puppy.

5. Table decorated with soda plates. For better comfort and conservation, they have placed a glass on the plates.

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